Album List for Winamp


v1.43 December 2, 2003 Download

    Added PSF reader
    Added "Resume playback on Winamp startup"
    Added "...\Artist\Year - Album" directory style
    Added "...\Artist - Year - Album" directory style
    Added template file for export and album cover
    Added multiple selections support
    Added automatic album advance
    Added .jpeg to album cover picture list
    Updated sorting order of cover picture (front/inside/cd/inlay/back)
    Updated installer to NSIS2
    Updated French Translation (thx Gilles Castillon)
    Fixed scroll wheel page size
    Fixed finding files with wrong extensions

v1.42 April 4, 2003 Download

    Added better directory naming (thx Andreas)
    Added multi cd album support (thx Andreas)
    Added WAV support (thx Andreas)
    Added better support for multiple instances of AlbumList
    Added "Show Cover" to the right click menu (thx T-Matsuo)
    Added "Remove All" to the search path setup page
    Added support for folder shortcuts
    Added FLAC, APE, MAC support (thx Janne Hyvärinen)
    Added Control Executables (NextAlbum/PrevAlbum)
    Added new readme
    Added "sort by filename" option to the options page
    Added option to not search sub-directories
    Added option to ignore all playlists
    Added more Language Packs:
       Bulgarian Translation (thx Tonic)
       Danish Translation (thx Troels Siggaard)
       Dutch Translation (thx Nuke Nike)
       Faroese Translation (thx René Bischoff)
       Hungarian Translation (thx ToMee)
       Korean Translation (thx CherryLK)
       Romanian Translation (thx Vicky Rusu)
       Simplified Chinese Translation (thx Devil Ng)
       Swedish Translation (thx hagman)
       Tradiional Chinese Translation (thx Devil Ng)
       Turkish Translation (thx Alp Çýltýk)
    Updated Rename Album to Album Info with more functionality (thx Andreas)
    Updated "Jump to Album" to also accept album index
    Updated version check to NOT connect if INET is not set in winamp
    Updated "keep song playing" to not play the current song again
    Updated "export to HTML" to show inside MB if opened
    Updated to NSIS installer
    Updated id3v2 tag reader to support unicode track numbers
    Fixed not playing different filetypes in the same directory
    Fixed write playlist problem when no tag info is available
    Fixed crash with incomplete MP3 files
    Fixed AL position not saved properly when minimized
    Fixed wrong name displayed when shuffle is on
    Fixed the winshade bitmap position when clicking

v1.41 July 14, 2002 Download

    Added ATI Remote Wonder™ Support
    Added config option for AL fontsize (ini entry)
    Added SPC support (thx Janne Hyvärinen)
    Added WMA support
    Added "manual sort" using the mouse (thx T-Matsuo)
    Added misc. language fixes by T-Matsuo
    Added more Language Packs:
       Catalan Translation (thx Xavi Giró)
       Czech Translation (thx HaNySeK)
       Finnish Translation (thx Janne Hyvärinen)
       Italian Translation (thx Danilo Roascio)
       Polish Translation (thx BartEZ 19)
       Portuguese Translation (thx _Parilla_)
       Russian Translation (thx Alexey Orlovsky)
    Updated MPC support (thx Janne Hyvärinen)
    Updated cached file compression to use less memory
    Updated cover picture to fit MB automatically
    Fixed play album API not updating the display so the album is visible
    Fixed incorrect number of songs when failed to read the file info
    Fixed crash ejecting MP3-CD while playing
    Fixed missing shortcut keys in menus for English =T
    Fixed some playlist related bugs
    Fixed double album list menu entry in the main menu

v1.40 May 15, 2002 Download

    Added Language Pack support
       Japanese Translation (thx Toshiya Matsuo)
       German Translation (thx Tobias Schicke)
       French Translation (thx Eric Junca)
       Spanish Translation (thx pedator)
    Added MPC support (thx Janne Hyvärinen)
    Added OGG support through external DLL (thx Janne Hyvärinen)
    Added general speed improvement
    Added hypertext highlight in the about box (thx Paul Mah)
    Added different color for CDROM albums (configurable through skins)
    Added SHIFT-N & SHIFT-M for previous & next album (from a different artist)
    Fixed AL menu from the taskbar
    Fixed crash when all time/year/#tracks are displayed
    Fixed ID3v2 reading bug when the tag is not properly encoded
    Fixed Write Playlist dialog slightly offscreen sometimes
    Fixed "Enquene as default" and right-click "Play Album" (thx Toshiya Matsuo)
    Fixed skipping first song when "keep song playing" is on (thx Kevin)

v1.37 February 8, 2002 Download

    Added show album cover in mini-browser
    Added mouse wheel to play prev/next album in winshade mode
    Added preliminary ID3v2 support
    Added Generate HTML list (CTRL-E)
    Added use ID3v1.1 tag to sort mp3 files (if available)
    Added a couple of 3rd party app. msg that is using 1-based index
    Added a horizontal scrollbar to the search path ListBox (thx Andreas)
    Fixed Previous Album bug (thx Kevin)

v1.36 June 27, 2001 Download

    Added option for 'M' & 'N' keys to loop
    Fixed multiple instances docking problem.
    Added option to keep the current song playing when selecting albums
    Fixed winshade mode text display when time display is off
    Added Play All Albums
    Fixed album not getting highlighted when right-click "play album"
    Fixed winshade mode hilight button position
    Added more 3rd party app. message
    Added CJK display in the playlist editor

v1.35 November 12, 2000 Download

    Fixed bitmap problem in winshade mode
    Updated the preference dialog to have the Winamp look.
    Support for other file types (like WMA)
    Ignore ID3v2 tag when getting file durations.
    Fixed not saving AL preference when shutting down the system.
    Do not refresh album when playing/enqueueing albums
    Fixed minor bitmap glitches

v1.31 June 24, 2000 Download

    Added album renaming
    Added snapto support for ShowCover plugin
    Fixed flicker when going from winshade mode to normal mode
    Fixed slider bug (the list goes blank)
    Added drag and drop support
    Updated the search path dialog
    Added jump to album (J, F3)
    Added shortcut keys (Keypad 2/8) for controlling the volume level
    Better detection for album changes during quick refresh
    Fixed resource and memory leaks
    Added WM_USER support for third party applications
    Fixed winshade mode drawing bug (corrupted bitmap at startup)

v1.30 May 22, 2000 Download

    Added shortcut key (F5) for "Quick Refresh"
    Added cache file compression to save disk space
    Added menu entry for "Refresh (Quick)"
    Updated version check
    Added shortcut key (SHIFT-ENTER) to enqueue current album
    Added "Enqueue album by default" option when double-clicking
    Fixed not switching skins when "Random skin on play" is on
    Added the use of a cache file to speed startup time
    Added shortcut key (CTRL-TAB) for "Next Window"

v1.25 April 11, 2000 Download

    Fixed a divide by zero crash when getting track duration from some Xing VBR MP3s
    Added "skin substitution" (using playlist editor's bitmap as skin)
    Fixed text display on non-English systems

v1.21 March 18, 2000 Download

    Added entry in Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs for uninstall
    Support wheel mouse on Win95 systems
    Fixed startup crash on WinNT systems
    Fixed not loading on Win95 systems
    Fixed bugs in new version check
    Fixed drawing bug in winshade mode when the title is too long

v1.20 March 6, 2000 Download

    Fix incorrect total time after ejecting CDs
    Fix adding CD-ROM directories even the option is off. (when inserting discs)
    Restore original directory after scanning search paths
    Support "Always on Litestep Virtual Desktops" Winamp option
    Get album and artist name from directory name
    Ignore playlists at root of search paths (optional)
    Skip shoutcast entries in playlist files
    Added check for new version
    Added show Album Year option
    Added "no" sorting
    Enhanced sort by year (if year is the same, use directory creation date)

v1.11 February 19, 2000 Download

    Removed the un-desirable feature "always shuffle albums" :P

v1.1 February 18, 2000

    Make sure the Album List is on screen everytime Winamp is started
    Even better docking
    Fixed main menu problem with Winamp 2.60
    Dock with AVS, Lyrics, and Amarok Plugins
    Made displaying of number of songs independent of time display format
    Added shuffle album list functionality
    Handle ejecting CDs when playing (no more "drive in use" dialogs)

v1.0 February 10, 2000 Download

    Fixed double album bug
    Support multiple playlist files in one directory
    Ignore the "Recycle Bin" directories
    Added current playing time
    Updated configuration dialog to use property sheet
    Added confirmation dialog when writing playlists
    Added AL menu to Winamp's main menu

v0.95 January 31, 2000 Download

    Added experimental alpha blending code
    Fix showing playlist number in winshade mode when it is turned off
    Make use of the following winamp options:
        "Use Winamp-styled (skinned) cursors",
        "Dim titlebars when inactive",
        "Convert %20 to space in titles", and
        "Convert underscore to space in titles"

v0.93 January 28, 2000 Download

    Added "status display" sub-menu to right-click menu
    Fixed unable to select the 11th ablum (when displaying 11 albums)
    Fixed "Menu Key" displays the context menu in the upper-left corner of the screen.

v0.92 January 25, 2000 Download

    Fixed keyboard shortcut crashes when no album is listed

v0.91 January 22, 2000 Download

    Added keyboard shortcut S and R for shuffle and repeat mode

v0.9 January 20, 2000 Download

    Added keyboard shortcut to navigate the album list.
    Added Enqueue/Play album to right-click menu

v0.8 January 17, 2000 Download

    Append to playlist option, rather than over-write
    Sort album list using path, artist, total time, and more
    Option to show number of songs in the time status display
    Fix GPF when ejecting discs

v0.7 January 15, 2000 Download

    Winamp settings will take effect immediately in the album list
       playlist font size, snap on/off, snap length, show numbers
       in playlist and changing skins
    Fixed playlist only directories not showing up in the album list

v0.6 January 11, 2000 Download

    Fixed album name containing an ampersand(&) appear as an underscore
    Winshade mode code complete
    Bitmap font in Winshade mode

v0.5 January 9, 2000

    Write playlist (album.m3u)
    Add configuration page
    Better disc insertion/removal detection
    Album total time fully functional, yeah!
    Implemented the current/total album time status display
    Fixed the tenth album number not aligned properly

v0.4 January 4, 2000

    Much better docking
    Album total time (using playlist only)

v0.3 December 30, 1999

    Multiple search directories
    Skins support (albumlist.bmp,albumlist.txt)
    Move the startup (reading of directories) code to a thread
    Better slider support. Mouse Wheel works now!
    Short-cut keys to Winamp's primary functions (play,pause,etc,...)

v0.2 December 26, 1999

    Added support for .M3U playlist

v0.1 December 19, 1999

    Initial release