Album List for Winamp


v2.06 October 6, 2006 Download

    Added 2 custom default covers to install package
    Added about page to ml tree item
    Added cover caching
    Added support for genre (tags only)
    Added option to change cover search order
    Added option for drawing title over 'default' cover
    Added support for id3v2.2 PIC frame
    Added support for 'Part of Set' tag reading
    Added support for winamp's multiple profiles
    Added save album list after quick scan
    Updated installer to provide previous install settings
    Updated multi disc album handling
    Updated Translations:
      French (by Eric)
      German (by Lion12)
    Fixed preference not showing up all the time (in ML mode)
    Fixed preference crashing in Winamp 5.3
    Fixed not saving configs when running under kmplayer
    Fixed cover not refreshing when multiple profiles
    Fixed scanning in hidden/system folders (such as c:\recycled)
    Fixed problem with shutting down Windows without closing Winamp

v2.05 January 29, 2006 Download

    Added Play and Enqueue buttons to the Jump to Album dialog
    Added four more Enqueue options
    Added support for id3v2.2 tags
    Added search alternate folder for covers
    Added support MSN Messenger "What I'm Listening To"
    Added support for reading png files
    Added scan option "playlist files only"
    Fixed not saving columns (multi-profile + ML integration)

v2.04 October 30, 2005 Download

    Added cover reading for iTunes style m4a/aac files
    Added show full/relative path option for the path column
    Added show label option for cover view
    Added quick search by typing in the names
    Added options to customize default cover (Nicolas GIROD)
    Added 'rename' button to profile page
    Added album cover config page
    Added user confirmation before doing lengthy operations (Nicolas GIROD)
    Updated cover view to try parent folder of multi-disc albums
    Fixed menu entry with classic skins
    Fixed not drawing 'W' properly if it is the first letter

v2.03 October 2, 2005 Download

    Updated cover view to provide smoother scrolling
    Updated Danish translation by Hans Frederik Ross Nielsen
    Fixed not being able to close the Album List window
    Fixed crash with certain ID3 tags

v2.02 September 22, 2005 Download

    Added support to embed inside media library
    Added %albumcover% to the export variables list
    Added profile renaming to the config page
    Updated Translations: German (by Lion12)
    Updated the cover border to be fixed size
    Updated method to indicate current album
    Fixed drag & drop on Winamp 5.09
    Fixed 'Lightning Bolt' not work after deleting a profile
    Fixed not reading wma track numbers properly
    Fixed playing next album instead of stop (if stopped within 1s of play)
    Fixed bug causing DL to crash
    Fixed not working on Win9x

v2.01 December 13, 2004 Download

    Added option to use 'Lightning Bolt' to show/hide Album List
    Added "Play random album by artist"
    Added border to the current playing album's cover
    Added support for covers inside MP3
    Added support for NxS Thinger (icon by Lion12)
    Updated album cover resizing method
    Updated Translations:
      Polish (by MelmaC MCTM)
      Japanese (by Toshiya Matsuo)
    Updated default values and show preference for the 1st time
    Updated various artists name generation
    Updated control executables to work with the current profile
    Fixed not saving settings when Windows shuts down
    Fixed generated wrong %albumcount% value in cover.htt
    Fixed list not updated when MP3CDs are inserted and removed
    Fixed Global HotKey names are wrong in other languages
    Fixed 'write playlist' writing VA instead of the artist name

v2.0 September 28, 2004 Download

    Sneak Peek: Cover view
    Updated Translations: Dutch (by Nuke Nike)
    Added support for Playlist Separator
    Added option to hide the list header in details view
    Added option to hide the status bar at the bottom
    Added Ctrl+M & Ctrl+N for next & previous album
    Added Alt+Left+Click to enqueue
    Added "Enqueue and play"
    Added "Sort by artist name then year"
    Added numeric keypad support
    Changed sorting to be case insensitive
    Fixed minor bug in generated HTML list
    Fixed global hotkeys not going to the correct profile
    Fixed dirstyle misbehaving ("...\Artist - Album - Year")

v2.0 rc2 August 25, 2004 Download

    Added more global hotkeys
      "AL: Play previous album (different artist)"
      "AL: Play next album (different artist)"
      "AL: Jump to album"
    Fixed dirstyle crash ("...\Artist - Year - Album", "...\Artist - Album - Year")
    Fixed not updating the list position when playing an album
    Fixed restoring the wrong auto advance profile
    Fixed auto-hide header jumps back to the highlighted item
    Fixed list header drawing glitch
    Fixed resuming playback even when the playlist had changed

v2.0 rc1 May 1, 2004 Download

    Updated readme (finally)
    Updated Translations: Catalan (by Xavier Giró), Russian (by NeSe)
    Added preliminary free format MP3 info reading (Free Format MP3=1)
    Added more global hotkeys
      "AL: Show/Hide Album List"
      "AL: Play random album"
    Search path will not be considered when generating display name
    Removed directory changes when reading M3U files
    Restrict year detection to [1900..2100] in directory styles
    Fixed MP3 file info reading when ID3v2 tag is bigger than 200kb
    Fixed scrollbars do not work on multi-monitor setup
    Fixed always adding the "Name" column after restart
    Fixed graphics glitch in the first column

v2.0 b3 April 9, 2004 Download

    Updated installer to NSIS2 (final)
    Better font size support (linked with PE fontsize for now)
    Better auto-hide header
    Fixed MP3 file info reading when ID3v2 tags are not present

v2.0 b2 March 19, 2004 Download

    Create default profile for first timers
    Added more columns (album name, artist name, path)
    Added support to re-arrange headers
    Added sort history
    Added status display (total album time)
    Added support to get file info through Winamp
    Better random play
    Fixed not restoring auto advance profile
    Fixed id3v2.3 tags (and added preliminary id3v2.4 support)
    Fixed jumping back to 1st track when "keep song playing" is on
    Fixed mis-treating some albums as various artists/misc

v2.0 b1 March 4, 2004 Download

    Added drag & drop support
    Fixed playing 1st track twice when "keep song playing" is on
    Fixed "auto detect" naming style
    Fixed problem with ignoring playlists

v2.0 pr3 March 1, 2004 Download

    Added check for update
    Added auto advance to a random album
    Added edit button to the language page
    Added auto hide headers in the list
    Added keyboard shortcut
    Added jump to album dialog
    Changed the translation file format (old format still works)
    Fixed album/artist names with '-' in them
    Fixed "..\Artist\Year - Album" directory style

v2.0 pr2 February 26, 2004 Download

    Packaged with NSIS2
    Added option to show/hide album index
    Added translations support (but all language files are out of date)
    Fixed '&' in album names

v2.0 pr1 February 25, 2004

    First Release for Winamp 5