Album List for Winamp

Frequently Asked Questions

here you will find answers for some of the frequently asked questions

Is classic skins supported?

Yes, it does support classic skins. Due to architectural differences, it does not use the playlist editor's skin anymore. It uses the new skin bitmap that's defined in Winamp 2.9, namely Gen.bmp & Genex.bmp. The same ones that Media Library uses.

How to sort albums?

Click on the column header or right-click on the "Name" header.

Is multiple sorting levels supported?

Yes. For example, if you want to sort by artist, then year, click "sort by year" first then "sort by artist".

How to skip a directory?

Put a ~ in front of the directory.

Is Free Format MP3 supported?

Yes, but it is in its preliminary stage. Put Free Format MP3=1 in [Main] of Gen_m3a.ini to enable it.

Can I rename a profile?

Yes, just not through the UI yet. Put Name=Rock in [Profile 0] of Gen_m3a.ini to change it.