Album List for Winamp


Album List v2.06 (521kb) - October 6, 2006

What's new in v2.06!

  • Better cover art support
  • Better multiple CD support
  • Added genre support
  • Various bug fixes

    Older Versions

    This is here for you in case the latest version doesn't work on your system.

    Album List v2.05 (479kb) - January 29, 2006
    Album List v2.04 (475kb) - October 30, 2005
    Album List v2.03 (470kb) - October 2, 2005
    Album List v2.02 (468kb) - September 22, 2005
    Album List v2.01 (464kb) - December 13, 2004
    Album List v2.0 (424kb) - September 28, 2004
    Album List v1.43 (339kb) - December 2, 2003
    Album List v1.42 (340kb) - April 4, 2003

    More can be found here.


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